Page 12 - Service Level Agreement (SLA)
P. 12

exact duration will vary on a
                                          case-by-case basis).
                                      16. In each of the above cases, this
                                          license will continue until the
                                          content has been fully deleted.
                                      17. Permission to use your name,
                                          profile picture and information
                                          about your actions with ads and
                                          sponsored content: You give us
                                          permission to use your name and
                                          profile picture and information
                                          about actions that you have
                                          taken on Facebook next to or in
                                          connection with ads, offers and
                                          other sponsored content that we
                                          display across our Products,
                                          without any compensation to
                                          you. For example, we may show
                                          your friends that you are
                                          interested in an advertised event
                                          or have liked a Page created by a
                                          brand that has paid us to display
                                          its ads on Facebook. Ads like this
                                          can be seen only by people who
                                          have your permission to see the
                                          actions that you've taken on
                                          Facebook. You can learn more
                                          about your ad settings and
                                      18. Permission to update software
                                          that you use or download: If you
                                          download or use our software,
                                          you give us permission to
                                          download and install updates to
                                          the software where available.
                                      1.  Standard Messaging - Businesses
                   Facebook Messenger                                                              Mon - Fri
                                          will have up to 24 hours to
                                          respond to a user. Messages sent
                                          within the 24-hour window may                             Support
                                          contain promotional content. We
                                          know people expect businesses                          09:00 - 17:00
                                          to respond quickly, and
                                          businesses that respond to users
                                          in a timely manner achieve better
                                          outcomes. We highly encourage
                                          businesses to respond to
                                          people’s messages as soon as
                                      2.  Message Tags - Enable
                                          businesses to send important and
                                          personally relevant 1:1 update to
                                          users outside the 24-hour
                                          Standard messaging window. We
                                          provide 4 message tags to
                                          support certain use cases. The
                                          message tags include a Human
                                          Agent tag (in Closed Beta) that
                                          allow businesses to manually
                                          respond to user messages within
                                          a 7-day period. Learn more here.
                                      3.  One-time Notification - Enable
                                          businesses to request a user to
                                          send one follow-up message
                                          after 24-hour messaging window
                                          have ended. Learn more here
                                      4.  News messaging - Only Pages
                                          that are registered with the
                                          Facebook News Page Index (NPI)
                                          will be allowed to send non-
                                          promotional news messages. Due
                                          to the global COVID-19
                                          pandemic, select

                                             1 Hutton Street, Standish, Wigan WN1 2XD
                                                     Company Number 08233588
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