Page 11 - Service Level Agreement (SLA)
P. 11

‘license') to use this content. This
                                          is solely for the purposes of
                                          providing and improving our
                                          Products and services as
                                          described in Section 1 above.
                                      6.  Specifically, when you share, post
                                          or upload content that is covered
                                          by intellectual property rights on
                                          or in connection with our
                                          Products, you grant us a non-
                                          exclusive, transferable, sub-
                                          licensable, royalty-free and
                                          worldwide license to host, use,
                                          distribute, modify, run, copy,
                                          publicly perform or display,
                                          translate and create derivative
                                          works of your content (consistent
                                          with your privacy and application
                                          settings). This means, for
                                          example, that if you share a
                                          photo on Facebook, you give us
                                          permission to store, copy and
                                          share it with others (again,
                                          consistent with your settings)
                                          such as service providers that
                                          support our service or other
                                          Facebook Products you use. This
                                          license will end when your
                                          content is deleted from our
                                      7.  You can delete content
                                          individually or all at once by
                                          deleting your account. Learn
                                          more about how to delete your
                                          account. You can download a
                                          copy of your data at any time
                                          before deleting your account.
                                      8.  When you delete content, it's no
                                          longer visible to other users;
                                          however, it may continue to exist
                                          elsewhere on our systems where:
                                      9.  Immediate deletion is not
                                          possible due to technical
                                          limitations (in which case, your
                                          content will be deleted within a
                                          maximum of 90 days from when
                                          you delete it);
                                      10. your content has been used by
                                          others in accordance with this
                                          license and they have not deleted
                                          it (in which case, this license will
                                          continue to apply until that
                                          content is deleted); or
                                      11. Where immediate deletion would
                                          restrict our ability to:
                                      12. investigate or identify illegal
                                          activity or breaches of our Terms
                                          and Policies (for example, to
                                          identify or investigate misuse of
                                          our Products or systems);
                                      13. comply with a legal obligation,
                                          such as the preservation of
                                          evidence; or
                                      14. comply with a request of a
                                          judicial or administrative
                                          authority, law enforcement or a
                                          government agency.
                                      15. in which case, the content will be
                                          retained for no longer than is
                                          necessary for the purposes for
                                          which it has been retained (the

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