Page 10 - Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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changes to its infrastructure by any means.
                                       6.  You may not send advertising, marketing or
                                           promotional messages. Responding to a person
                                           who contacts you directly as a result of an
                                           advertisement you have placed on a surface
                                           outside of a WhatsApp chat thread, is
                                           permissible as long as that advertisement does
                                           not conflict with the Commerce Policy.
                                       7.  You must respect all requests (either on or off
                                           WhatsApp) by a person to block, discontinue, or
                                           otherwise opt out of communications from you
                                           via WhatsApp, including removing that person
                                           from your contacts list.
                                       8.  You may not build games or support playing of
                                           games in WhatsApp, including any interactive
                                           program for one or more players that involves
                                           skill, competition, and/or chance.
                                       9.  Follow any guidelines and instructions in
                                           technical and product documentation.
                                       10.  What’s App Business is not to be used for a
                                           rolling conversation. The service is not allocated
                                           as a personal space, that is what a what’s App
                                           personal account provided by Facebook only is
                                           for. This is purely used for technical support only
                                           and any other correspondence needs to be
                                           placed through other channels i.e. company
                                           email addresses and use of company phone
                                           numbers being 03337720161. Any misuse of the
                                           services provided will have a detrimental impact
                                           and therefor the loss of use of these services will
                                           be discontinued for your account with Custom
                                           Adaptive Ltd.
                   Facebook           1.  The permissions you give us                              Mon - Fri
                                      2.  We need certain permissions
                                          from you to provide our services:
                                      3.  Permission to use content that                            Support
                                          you create and share: Some                             09:00 - 17:00
                                          content that you share or upload,
                                          such as photos or videos, may be
                                          protected by intellectual
                                          property laws.
                                      4.  You own the intellectual property
                                          rights (things such as copyright or
                                          trademarks) in any such content
                                          that you create and share on
                                          Facebook and the other
                                          Facebook Company Products you
                                          use. Nothing in these Terms
                                          takes away the rights you have to
                                          your own content. You are free
                                          to share your content with
                                          anyone else, wherever you want.
                                      5.  However, to provide our services,
                                          we need you to give us some
                                          legal permissions (known as a


                                             1 Hutton Street, Standish, Wigan WN1 2XD
                                                     Company Number 08233588
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