Cameo TableTop

Table top tablets for advertising.

Ability to quickly change adverts, menu items and pricing across single or multi-site locations. Eye catching screens attract attention through their animation or changing visuals. Create promotions in .real time. with time of day and day of week scheduling Content is controlled locally or centrally Bespoke messaging and/or advertising for individual sites within a franchise/group.

Touch Options for:-
  • Call waiter
  • Order drinks request
  • Request to pay bill
Non touch versions also available
  • Various sizes
  • Various stands
  • Battery or Adaptor

See Also

Hand EMenu

Touch screen menu browsing for customers.
Tablet menus, allowing full menu browsing, as well as lookup of allergy details of any menu item, and sending orders to kitchen printers or screens. More...

42" Standard Totem, with portrait screen.

Available in black only. However - full custom polywrap available
Non touch - for signage use