Shelf Edge Displays

Promote goods and offers direct from the shelf.

Shelf tablets

Available in various sizes and with black/white options, the shelf edge displays are used as advertsising screens to promote content. Updated and managed via our CAMEO management system, they are kept uptodate with latest content.
Avalable as touch screen, or non touch options, and with various shelf mount clips, these tablets help promote your goods, offers or promotions directly on the shelf with the goods themselves.
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Adaptive Intelligent Shelf Label Edge System (Shelf AISLES)

Shelf edge pricing and promotion screens
Combine shelf edge displays, promotion screens, advertising screens, and price tags; with shelf layout and stock management.

EInk Price Tags

EInk digital pricing displays Used when prices change frequently, but products are mostly static. Best for when your pricing information changes, but the shelf layout does not.You will still be using printed item description.
(Display holds price only)

EInk Price Labels

Used when prices or products change, mostly for similar sized products.
(Display holds item name/description/PLU /barcode/pricing information)

Multi screen shelf video units

Video pricing displays Used when promotions/advertising/upsell required.
(Display holds item name/description/PLU pricing information/ video/animation)

Wide screen shelf video units

Used when products change dramatically or for big impact promotions.
(Each display holds multiple items name/description/PLU pricing information/ video/animation and is adapted to the correct width for each product)