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Integrated Payments

Integrated Payments for Takeaways and Café Restaurants

Custom Adaptive

Countertop card machines. Your till payments sorted. We get it. Things can get busy behind a till, but we’ve got you covered. Our countertop card machines won’t let you down, they’re fast, secure and a doddle to use. If your internet goes down, no problem. By plugging into your phone and broadband, you’re always connected – so the sales keep rolling in.

Card machines that fit the bill At the till, on the floor or on the road, a card machine should fit the way you work. So whether you’re a chef, courier or coffee roaster, getting paid becomes ridiculously easy. All our card machines come with the latest technology, like contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay – we’ll tap into whatever comes along. It means you can focus more on the things you love.