Online reservations direct to your till screen

Web reservations linked directly to your till system. The till shows all reserved tables (or groups) for your shift, ensuring you manage seat allocation easily. Booking requests are handled automatically looking at your tables available on the day, table groups are also managed.

Web integrated

Add a small “plugin” to your website and reservations come through to your till. We do not charge commission on covers, keeping your running costs low. The web plugin communicates directly with the EPOS system ensuring it only offers table slots you have.

Mobile friendly

The web plugin adapts automatically for small tablets and mobile phones, ensuring ease of use for all.

EPOS integrated

You can enter reservations from phone calls directly onto the till. Capture name, address, and contact details building a marketing customer dataset. No need to keep a paper reservations book, and bookings show on the till screen as you seat walk in customers, ensuring no table clashes. The EPOS system shows table layouts with table status, and lets you look at all the reservation details (name, telephone, covers, email, date, notes)

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