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Loyalty & Marketing for Restaurants

Loyalty & Marketing for Restaurants

Custom Adaptive

With more choice and offers from your competitors it is essential that you incorporate customer loyalty into your business strategy. In addition to earning points and being eligible for certain discounts and promotions, the loyalty cards can also be pre-loaded with credit (or issued with credit) and the customer can charge transactions to their card. This is a valuable strategy in gaining customer loyalty and increasing average spend per head.

Repeat Business With Loyalty
Keep customers coming back with Loyalty that matters. Loyalty schemes are an attractive selling point to new and existing customers.

A Fully Customizable Loyalty Program
that is easy to use We make it easy for your customers to signup and to be engaged with your customer via the loyality program. Giving out points and reward is simple and we can automatically trigger rewards like birthday treats. Each of your members can access their digital customer card.

Loyalty has been designed to help our clients ensure that their customers return for more! By offering a loyalty system to your customers.
Create that end-to-end customer experiences with our extensive suite of services