EPOS / Order Management

Get the benefits of electronic order management

With Custom Adaptive, our Hosptality EPOS software is completly different to traditional systems. It has been designed for how we work in the 21st Centrury, and will expand as you need it to.

Counter service
  • Android based tills reduce costs
  • Customer Receipt Printer
  • Cashdrawers
  • Voucher management
  • Add on offers and event adverts to your receipt footers
Kitchen service
  • Kitchen order printers
  • Split kitchen zones
  • Kitchen order tracking screens
  • Ingredient Labels for delivery
  • Customer receipt printed to kitchen to go in the bag (delivery and takeaway)
Table service
  • Portable HandEPOS waiter order pads
  • Customer tablet or wall mount HandEMenus
  • At table ordering systems

Add on options and their Benefits

You can add extra functionality as and when you need it

Online Ordering

Allow customers to place orders on your website, and have these orders come directly through to your EPOS tills. Control directly from your till how long customers need to allow for delivery or takeaway, and all orders get continuous feedback to the state of the order.
  • Available as a plug in for your website (or we can host your website for you with our fully managed option).
  • Also available is a customer review section - where customers are asked to leave a review which is posted on your web.
  • Table Reservations

    Allow customers to book a table on your website, and have these bookings show directly on EPOS till table plan for the day. Tables are booked realtime and customers are given imeadiate confirmation. This avoids all the problems relating to slow email based reservations. Our system allocates the tables based on the number of people and time of day.

    Hand EPOS

    Hand held (Waiter pad) EPOS systems allow the order to be taken directly at the Table. Unlike tablet apps, this is a fully integrated system allowing order tracking, table allocation, receipt printing etc as per your EPOS system - but designed for small handheld touch screens.

    Hand EMenu

    Hand held menu tablets for customers, allowing orders to be taken directly at the table. Unlike tablet apps, this is a fully integrated system allowing full menu browsing, product lookup, integrated ordering and order tracking, fully EPOS integrated.

    Kitchen printers

    Send the order direct to the kitchen for imediate action. Printouts allow orders to be checked before being taken to the table

    Kitchen touch screens

    Touch screens in the kitchen allow orders to be visible, but also the chef to interact and manage the queue. Kitchen Management System tracks the status of all orders, it ensures effective communication between all required staff, and allows notification of orders running late, by displaying orders to the chefs. It solves the behind the scenes order management headaches, and keeps your kitchen staff informed about what they should be cooking and for who.

    Item label printing

    Ideal for takeaways and delivery, automatically print food labels as needed

    Stock Control

    Available at 3 different levels based on how you work.
  • Usage counts based on sales
  • Unit counts on sales and stock tracking of units
  • Full ingredient level stock control