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Alternative software for Casio EPOS. A full hospitality system on your existing Casio hardware, with integration to online, At-Table, Card machines, Delivery management, and Kitchen Management / Display screens as needed.

CASIO EPOS is based around modern Android touch screen units such as the V-R7000. Custom Adaptive extend leading edge Android based EPOS systems by using our own fully supported EPOS software
Our software platform is designed to be customised and adapted to follow the ever-changing needs of the modern business, and include ongoing support and upgrades so that systems dont go out of date or get left behind.
We support all parts of the business including EPOS, Hospitality kitchen printers and stock management, as well as having full cloud/remote management and backoffice using web portals and manager apps. Our systems fully integrate with a variety of utilities and support applications...

Loaded with loads of amazing features

EPOS & Order Management

Much more than your traditional EPOS. Designed to keep up with how restaurants work today, with live order management fatures.

Digital Menu Boards and signage

Designed to handle all the modern requirements for display of menus and adverts, including many unique and advanced features. Shows dynamic (live) content on your menu board.

Loyalty / Gift Cards

We can print your loyalty, VIP and gift cards. The system manages, tracks and rewards your customers

Kitchen Management

Prioperly manage orders through complex kitchen environments. Integrated specbooks and time tracking

Online Ordering

Add online ordering to your website. Orders are sent directly to your EPOS and kitchen. Also fully integrated with Deliveroo etc to eliminate tablet clutter


Products designed in the 21st century around how real people work today. Our products often bring a fresh perspective to ways of working.


Keep your existing hardware, and use it to jump to the future. - Also as/when you need additional android EPOS hardware, give us a call.

Why We Are Different

Above and Beyond

  • The Features you need when you want them
  • We integrate your system to your accounts
  • We manage your configuration
  • No hidden fees/costs
  • Software upgrades included
  • Real people based support


  • EPOS
  • Digital Signage
  • Table Resevations
  • Online Ordering
  • Stock Management
  • Background Music Management
  • Paymentsense card payments


  • Cloud Reporting
  • Cloud Management
  • Android EPOS devices
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Hand Held EPOS (HandEPOS)
  • Self Order terminals
  • Websites / Apps
  • Digital Shelf Edge displays
  • Online Ordering